...they were voted out by the Catholic Church at the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325.

I would hope so! And in addition to what i said in the Table documents that are radically different and contrary to the Scripture, and which verifiable preceded them in history, have no place in the canon of God – inspired text, which alone are Light and Truth.


1. The sole copy of the Gospel of Judas was discovered in Egypt in the mid-1970s.

2. Now it’s been translated into English.

3. The manuscript has been radiocarbon dated to AD 220-340

4. The document is a Coptic translation of a text composed between AD 150 and AD 300, and so has no connection with either Jesus or Judas.

5. It is a fragmentary 2,000 words.

6. It is written by Gnostics who claim to have secret ‘knowledge’ (gnosis) about the spiritual realm. The core claim of this ‘Gospel’ is that the apostles were deluded for worshipping a lesser deity they presumed to be God. Judas is the great priest who sacrifices the body of Jesus and so is elevated to celestial glory.

7. Gnosticism was an extremely diverse movement. However key ideas come from Plato, particularly that the physical world has always been flawed but that there is a hidden, perfect spiritual world.

8. The writers of the Gospel of Judas were not Christians. The reference to Jesus coming from ‘the realm of Barbalo’ proves it was written by Sethians, most likely from the Barbelite cult.

9. Barbelites believed the created world was evil, seeing the creator Yahweh as their enemy, and so turned biblical ‘villains’ into their heroes. Their hatred of the body led them into the most debased sexual practices to mock Christian sacraments. The Barbelites even aborted and ate feotuses conceived in these sexual rituals. In this ‘Gospel’, ‘Jesus’ mocks Holy Communion and prophecises his followers will rape their enemies and sacrifice their children.

10. Gnosticism has been revived in the 20th century as part of today’s New Age. Key occult writer Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) developed the practice of Sexual Magick from Gnostic thinking.


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